mackie80 (mackie80) wrote in the_chalk_bin,

Most Decorated American Gymnasts

Paul's comeback announcement got me thinking... what are the records for most decorated American gymnasts?  I know Shannon Miller holds the record at this point, but I'm not sure by how much.  She and Nastia both have 5 Olympic medals, but I'm not sure how many world medals either of them has.  (Does anyone know?) Just curious... how would you rank people in that regard?  I mean, how does Shannon's Olympic AA silver and 2 World AA golds compare with Paul's Olympic AA gold and World AA gold? (Btw, Paul is the only American to do both.)  How would Nastia fit in?  How about Blaine Wilson's 5 U.S. AA gold compared with Shannon's 2?  Or Kim Zmeskal with 3 U.S. plus a World AA gold? And how about event final medals?  Maybe we could come up with a point value system to rank everyone.  What do you think?   
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