Goddess (ceebeegee) wrote in the_chalk_bin,

Update on Chinese Age Falsification

FIG Rules Against Dong Fanxiao in Age Scandal

The FIG has canceled Chinese gymnast Dong Fangxiao's results from the 1999 Worlds and 2000 Olympics because she was age ineligible, the federation announced Friday....The FIG has recommended to the International Olympic Committee that China be stripped of its bronze medal from the 2000 Olympics in Sydney....The U.S. women's team could move up to the bronze if the IOC were to follow the FIG's recommendation.

OMG, FIG grew a pair and actually called China on their BS! I must admit, I'm surprised FIG actually is saying something. Not that the IOC will do anything--another useless sports federation.

And the Sydney team may finally get some respect!
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