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A Friendly Reminder [30 Jul 2012|10:40am]

Hello everyone! With Olympic competition finals beginning today (Go Team USA!), wanted to post a friendly reminder to all members.

Post any results, opinions on results, thoughts, or any type of spoilers behind a cut.

Use generic-type cut and post titles (such as a title of "Men's Night One Results" or "My Thoughts on the Women's Results" and cut titles of "Read More..." or "Click Here to Read") for such posts as well.

We ask this as common courtesy  to those who may not be able to watch the competition as it happens and/or wish to watch on television without knowing the results. Any posts which violates this rule will either be edited or removed for this reason.

Thank you.
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oh crap [07 Sep 2011|02:23pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Here's a bizarre story. 2004 Olympic Champion and Ohio State assistant
coach Paul Hamm was arrested for assault on Saturday night.

"Police arrested Paul Hamm after they said he assaulted a taxi driver and then wrestled with a police officer late Saturday night.

According to police, Hamm took a taxi from the downtown area to his
home in Upper Arlington. The report states he fell asleep and when the
driver woke him up he said he would not pay the $23.00 cab fare.

According to the report, after an argument, Hamm damaged a window of the cab, punched and kicked the driver. 

When the officer asked Hamm how many drinks he had consumed Hamm said he had “probably 8 drinks.”

Hamm is coaching at Ohio State while simultaneously training for his comeback to the sport. He plans to be ready to compete at the February
2012 Winter Cup Challenge and make a run at the 2012 Olympics. Let's hope this is a one-time incident. 

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I'm shocked, SHOCKED [14 Feb 2011|07:30pm]

Yet another cheating allegation.
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Most Decorated American Gymnasts [29 Jul 2010|08:37pm]

Paul's comeback announcement got me thinking... what are the records for most decorated American gymnasts?  I know Shannon Miller holds the record at this point, but I'm not sure by how much.  She and Nastia both have 5 Olympic medals, but I'm not sure how many world medals either of them has.  (Does anyone know?) Just curious... how would you rank people in that regard?  I mean, how does Shannon's Olympic AA silver and 2 World AA golds compare with Paul's Olympic AA gold and World AA gold? (Btw, Paul is the only American to do both.)  How would Nastia fit in?  How about Blaine Wilson's 5 U.S. AA gold compared with Shannon's 2?  Or Kim Zmeskal with 3 U.S. plus a World AA gold? And how about event final medals?  Maybe we could come up with a point value system to rank everyone.  What do you think?   
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Paul's BACK! [28 Jul 2010|11:50am]

Just thought everyone might be interested to note that Paul Hamm announced Tuesday that he's planning a comeback for the 2012 Olympics!

Here's link to the article posted on the USAG site: 

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Here's an interesting take [29 Apr 2010|09:43am]

[ mood | awake ]

Olympian Kyle Shewfelt just posted this and I thought it was a very interesting reaction:

My thoughts on the Chinese age controversy

I was asked by a reporter to weigh in. Here is what I said:


When something like this happens, I have mixed thoughts. I can see it from many different angles.

Firstly, I am happy that mistakes are being corrected. Fairness in sport is paramount. So that is good news.

But then I wonder if this is going to open a giant can of worms. It would not surprise me if there were other instances in the past where gymnasts ages have been falsified. If you can change the results of one competition, then does that mean its fair game to start digging for evidence to change all past mistakes?

I feel bad for the girls who competed; I wonder if they knew that their ages were falsified? I am pretty sure that they don't have to personally fill out the application forms like we do here in Canada. I think they have a team leader who does all of that paper work for them. The gymnasts job is to train and to focus on that. I wouldn't place blame on the athletes themselves.

Another argument could be; why does age even matter? If they were 14 and at a high enough level to make the team then why can't they compete? Platform Diving has a minimum age of 14. Gymnastics used to have a minimum age of 14. In fact, at the 1996 Olympics, Dominique Moceanu was 14 and no one said she was too young. I don't think Dom thought she was too young to compete at the Olympics either. Gymnastics is not a sport that sees a lot of female athletes peak in their late 20's. Maybe if the FIG really wants to make a statement then they could make the minimum age 18 or even 20 years old and then the safety of young athletes would really be the priority. But would gymnastics be the same? One of the allures of the sport is the fact that it's young people who are defying gravity. Would it be as appealing if everyone who was competing was old enough to drink a martini (in Alberta at least) after the competition? I know that some of the top girls in the world right now are 14 years old and the skills and routines they are performing are pretty close to what they will be aiming for in London 2012. Maybe making a rule that Junior age is U18 and Senior is over 18 would solve some problems?

I have also known of gymnasts who's birthdays were on the cusp of making the age requirement, but not quite close enough. I feel bad for the girl who has the potential to win in London 2012, but her 16th birthday is on January 1, 2013...one day too late. 4 years is a long time to wait and train for your Olympic moment in the world of gymnastics. And does that 1 day really make that big of a difference? I guess it does when you are getting your drivers licence so the same applies when it comes to doing release moves 10 feet above a bar! :)

I also had a question about the licences that the FIG will be issuing. How are they going to enforce the age on those? Gymnasts do not look their age. Canadian Olympian and a good friend of mine, Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs was legitimately 18 at the Olympics in 2008. She looked 12 (no offence Elyse). How will they ensure that passports and birth certificates are not being falsified when they apply for the licence?

Onto another debate, and it's one that is possibly a little selfish, but admittedly popped into my head after I heard the news: I also wonder if this opens the door to start asking questions about other results that may have been tainted. What about the vault controversy that I was involved in in Athens when Marian Dragalescu fell and got the bronze when I ended up 4th? For a second; I can't help but wonder if the judges mistakes on vault in 2004 can now be reversed? The evidence is there. The judges were sanctioned. The score that Marian Dragalescu received was mathematically impossible. Should we start fighting for that bronze medal again? Is there any hope to have the decision reversed? Or is it something that should be kept peacefully laid to rest?

About gymnastics reputation being tainted because of this controversy: I don't feel like this story will tarnish the reputation of the sport at all. Gymnastics will continue to be one of the most popular Olympic sports after all is said and done. I think gymnastics fans appreciate the sport because of its beauty, skill and athleticism and not just because of the medals that are awarded at the end of a competition. The general public only tunes in every 4 years for the Olympics and gymnastics is so captivating that it's hard not to watch. Gymnastics, in my opinion, is a sport that can withstand controversy. In fact, I think every sport has something controversial about it. Gymnastics will always be entertaining to watch because it's makes the seemingly impossible look easy. It doesn't matter who you are, gymnastics is simply awe inspiring.

In conclusion, I say Congratulations to the FIG and the IOC for doing the right thing and taking action. But I think the real question is: Where do we go from here? This was a ghost that was resurrected from the past...are they willing to deal with all of the other ones that might come creeping out? And what can we do moving forward to ensure that fairness and safety continue to prevail in the future?


What are your thoughts?

I think Kyle makes some excellent points. What do you'll think?
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Oh my Lord, the IOC grew a set and actually DID IT [28 Apr 2010|03:19pm]

IOC strips China of their 2000 team bronze, awards the bronze to the US

Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

I'm proud of the 2000 team. They got dogged a lot and they really weren't that bad, we just have such elevated standards after '92 and '96. Good for them.
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American Cup & Nastia Liukin Cup [01 Mar 2010|06:17pm]


Just a reminder to everyone that the new Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup and the American Cup are this weekend. Here are the TV details, check listings for times:
  •  Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup: Friday, March 5 on Universal Sports
  • American Cup: Saturday, March 6 on Universal Sports (probably first few rotations not aired on NBC)
    • American Cup, Saturday, March 6 on NBC

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Update on Chinese Age Falsification [26 Feb 2010|11:07pm]

FIG Rules Against Dong Fanxiao in Age Scandal

The FIG has canceled Chinese gymnast Dong Fangxiao's results from the 1999 Worlds and 2000 Olympics because she was age ineligible, the federation announced Friday....The FIG has recommended to the International Olympic Committee that China be stripped of its bronze medal from the 2000 Olympics in Sydney....The U.S. women's team could move up to the bronze if the IOC were to follow the FIG's recommendation.

OMG, FIG grew a pair and actually called China on their BS! I must admit, I'm surprised FIG actually is saying something. Not that the IOC will do anything--another useless sports federation.

And the Sydney team may finally get some respect!
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Gymnastics on TV [08 Jan 2010|11:21am]

[ mood | good ]

Just giving everyone the head's up about a few upcoming gymnastics-related TV programs:

  • Sunday, Jan. 10: Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular (NBC), featuring gymnasts Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnson, Courtney Kupets, Sam Peszek, Jon Horton, Raj Bhavsar and Ivan Ivankov. Music by Ashley TIsdale.
  • Monday, Jan. 11: "Make It or Break It" marathon (ABC Family), featuring all Season 1 episodes plus the first Season 2 episode that debuted last week, which leads into a brand new episode.
And of course, the 2010 NCAA Gymnastics Season is now upon us! There is a TV schedule for all of the SEC meets here: http://www.secsports.com/sports/gymnastics/

If anyone comes across other NCAA conference / team schedules, or any other upcoming gymnastics-related TV programs, please post! Thanks. :-)
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IGRadio Head's Up [06 Oct 2009|01:52pm]

Another edition of IGRadio online featuring Shawn Johnson and Greg Marsden among others will be broadcast today at 4:30 EST. Visit insidegymnastics.com to stream the show live.
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Collegiate Gymnastics Developmental Fund [18 Aug 2009|02:29pm]

Thank you to renee3 for drawing my attention to this; posted on the USAG website:

National Gymnastics Foundation, USA Gymnastics create Collegiate Gymnastics Developmental Fund

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Aug. 12, 2009 – The National Gymnastics Foundation, in partnership with USA Gymnastics, is creating a Collegiate Gymnastics Developmental Fund. The fund’s goal is to provide solutions to support collegiate programs in peril and offer educational and business training for coaches and program administrators to assist them in building financially secure programs. The Collegiate Gymnastics Developmental Fund complements the initiatives USA Gymnastics already has in place to support collegiate gymnastics.

Read the rest here: http://www.usa-gymnastics.org/post.php?PostID=3831&prog=H

(I tried to post the whole article, yet LJ cuts refused to work.)

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Another question [16 Aug 2009|08:06am]

[ mood | tired ]

cut for spoilers in case you haven't seen the men's compCollapse )

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My thoughts on Women's night one [13 Aug 2009|10:16pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Are at my blog. I'll be watching men's night two but won't be blogging. I'll be living blogging for the showings on NBC.

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Men's Day One Results Article [13 Aug 2009|06:40am]



Read more...Collapse )
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IG Feature: Dave and Dave [12 Aug 2009|05:58pm]

I am a little biased since this was my favorite current men's gymnastics pair, yet hopefully ya'll enjoy this IG interview with David Durante and David Sender.

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Friendly Mod Reminder [12 Aug 2009|03:24pm]

Because Nationals begins today, want to post a reminder to all members.

Post any results, opinions on results, thoughts, or any type of spoilers behind a cut.

Use generic-type cut and post titles (such as a title of "Men's Night One Results" or "My Thoughts on the Women's Results" and cut titles of "Read More..." or "Click Here to Read") for such posts as well.

We ask this as common courtesy  to those who may not be able to watch the competition as it happens. Any posts which violates this rule will either be edited or removed for this reason.

Thank you.
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U.S. Championships begin TODAY! [12 Aug 2009|11:28am]


Greetings all, and welcome to gymnastics season once again! As I'm sure most of you know, Nationals kicks off tonight with the Senior Men's competition (preceded by the Junior Men's competition this afternoon).

Television coverage begins tomorrow (Thursday) on Universal Sports, and continues through the weekend on both Universal Sports and NBC. It appears that Universal Sports will also offer a live webcast beginning tomorrow: www.usa-gymnastics.org/events/2009/visachamps/schedule.php

For those wanting to follow the action as it happens today, Inside Gymnastics offers this guide of sorts:  USAG will have live, real-time scoring for EVERY Championships session, except for the junior men, whose age groups complicate scoring sheets. Scores will still be posted, as quickly as possible at usa-gymnastics.org. USAG will also be offering Quick Hits for all sessions.

MTA: So it appears USA Gymnastics IS doing Quick Hits for the Junior Men today after all: www.usa-gymnastics.org/events/2009/visachamps/qh/juniormen.html

And some big men's gymnastics news to report... David Sender has announced to Inside Gymnastics that he's going to hang up his grips after Championships, opting instead to attend vet school. In the meantime, though, he's planning to compete a monster vault at Championships. I have to say that I'm disappointed we won't see him on the World team, especially since everyone is saying what fantastic condition he's in right now, but who knows, maybe he'll decide to come out of retirement before London. :-)

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Sweet! [06 Aug 2009|04:07pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Thanks to Blythe:

Alicia Sacramone, one of the leaders of the 2008 Olympic team that won a silver medal in Beijing, announced today that she plans to make a comeback. You won't see her on the competition floor at next week's U.S. Championships, but the 21-year-old Massachusetts native assured Inside Gymnastics Magazine that she will be making a return, probably as a vault and beam specialist.

“I am coming back, that much is decided,” she says happily. “How far I’m gonna get with that, we’ll see. I don’t know exactly what the process is going to be. I’ll probably take the rest of the summer off, just to heal up. Then I’ll start getting back into the gym in the Fall. As far as National Team stuff, I’ll leave that all up to Mihai to deal with, but hopefully I’ll be starting to compete the beginning of next year and then the main goal right now is [2010] Worlds.”

Sacramone, whose sky-high tumbling won her a world floor title in 2005 and cliched the team gold medal for the U.S. women at the 2007 World Championship, hardly had the Olympic Games of her dreams. During the team final, she fell on her balance beam mount (a difficult front flip in the pike position) and sat down her second tumbling pass and went out of bounds on floor. The U.S. finished second to China.

Lest it be assumed that Sacramone's errors cost the U.S. the gold (they didn't) there was an outpouring of support from the gymnastics community, which included an editorial posted by International Gymnast Magazine editor Dwight Normile titled "Alicia, It's Not Your Fault."

After finishing fourth in the vault final in Beijing, Sacramone declared she was officially done with gymnastics and headed to Los Angeles, where she's been interning with clothing maker Tank Farm. She told Inside Gymnastics she'll be heading back to the east coast and longtime coach Mihai Brestyan at the end of the summer, after letting her beaten up body heal awhile longer. She also mentioned transferring from Brown, where she competed on the gymnastics team during her freshman year, to another university, possibly Harvard, Boston University or Boston College.

Sacramone's return would give the U.S. team another strong vaulter, as well as another leader with tons of international experience. As far as this year is concerned, sixteen-year-old Kayla Williams of West Virginia has emerged as a leading contender to be a vault and floor specialist for the 2009 World Championships in London. Both Williams and Sacramone train the same two vaults -- a double twisting Yurchenko and a handspring laid-out front with one and a half twists.

On the internet, news of Sacramone's return has left many U.S. gymnastics fans virtually jumping for joy.

"OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG," wrote Jen, a Cincinnati-based gymnastics enthusiast and freelance writer who manages the gymnastics blog Full In Full Out. "In case it escaped your attention, I am thrilled out of my mind. I adore Alicia, not only as an athlete, but as a person. She's strong but vulnerable, a team player AND an individual star. She'll be brilliant as a two-event specialist, saving her body and polishing her routines until they gleam with gold-plated perfection. This is major news, people. MAJOR NEWS."
All I can say is sweet and I'm very happy she's coming back!
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:) [12 Jul 2009|10:27pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hi. I'm sort of new to the sport of gymnastics. I got really interested in it when I saw the movie Stick It a year ago. Since then, I've trained myself to do the splits, a bridge (backbend), a handstand, and a front walkover. Currently I'm working on my bridge kickover and a front handspring. I don't kick hard enough in my bridge kickover and I keep on messing up my landing in my front handspring. Any tips? It'd help me out a lot.

Thanks in advance.

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